A Star Wars party


I was taken by surprise this morning when I checked my email to see that a new post had been published on my blog. I wrote and scheduled it a while ago to appear randomly to ensure that the children’s birthdays remain secret. The publication of the Mermaid party has provided the impetus to write this much overdue post on our Star Wars party for Little Man.

star wars

The children’s birthdays are very close together so it’s quite an intense period for planning and preparation. I am the kind of Mum who keeps Pinterest boards for party inspiration throughout the year and am ready with ideas and creativity come party season. The themes come from the children and Little Man was very keen to have a Star Wars party for his birthday. This was slightly at odds with the venue which was a local farm but I was able to maintain the theme through invitations, decorations for the party room, extra food treats and party bags. For both the parties, I used stationery from an Etsy shop, PrintMagic. The downloadable packs were excellent, with invitations, thank you notes, posters, bunting, games etc.. I adapted some of the posters with Star Wars characters and used them in the party room to brighten up the brick walls, I also made lots of Star Wars bunting, a mix of character and Little Man’s name and age and hung them across the walls, along with some Star Wars balloons. I was able to save all these decorations and reuse them at home for the actual birthday, I always have the kitchen decorated for birthday mornings. Whilst the venue provided the food, I made some additional cakes as one of the guests had a food allergy and I wanted to ensure he had a sweet treat to enjoy too, I used Star Wars rice toppers for these cakes and they looked great. It is a family tradition that we always have top hats (marshmallows, chocolate and smarties) for parties and these too were a necessary ingredient of the party. I made the cake, a simple but effective design of the Star Wars logo and stars. As creative as I like to be, Darth Vader seemed beyond my capabilities.


The party entertainment was the farm and its attractions, the boys loved their activities. We had a tractor and trailer ride and the views were stunning. The farmer stopped at the best viewpoint and each guest got to sit behind the wheel of the tractor, this was really popular and I used the photos I had taken as thank you notes which were well received. There were lots of other activities, animal petting and feeding, go karting, outdoor play and an indoor soft play area. It was a stunning day weather wise and it was really easy to occupy the guests, even though the party ended at 3.30pm the parents were still relaxing and the boys playing an hour later. The boys left with a Darth Vader party bag containing a Darth Vader mask, cake, balloon and a Lego figure, simple but again well received.

The farm was a great party venue and the owners so helpful and accommodating, they really made sure that Little Man and his little friends had an amazing time.


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