Little Sparkles

It’s been a good week this week. Working my normal hours with no overtime definitely makes me a more relaxed and happier Mum and wife, I’ve had my hair done, watched a film one afternoon, waited in for the gasman and spent a day pottering and organising.



I finished Life After You, it was readable but not a book I would readily recommend. I have also started to read a Vintage clothing book which is well illustrated and interesting and providing some much needed inspiration. I tried to do a Next order this afternoon but nothing excited or inspired me in the catalogue, everything looked so dull and ordinary that I left the site without making a purchase.


untitled (2)

I watched the British film Pride on one of my free afternoons and it was brilliant, one of the best films I have seen in ages. The true story of the lesbian and gay community and a welsh mining village set during the miners strike, stunning.


Lots in this category this week, some good runs with a blast of Miss Swift as my accompaniment, some excellent episodes of guest editors on Women’s Hour and some excellent political analysis of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader.

I am delighted with the result, he has the opportunity to redefine not only Labour but party politics and whilst I don’t think he will ever be PM, sadly the press will ensure that, I think he could heavily influence the art and culture of politics in the coming years. Good luck to Corbyn, British politics needs a politician like him, I think we are all bored of the bland, anonymous politicians whom seem to blend into one regardless of party.

The last listen is jingle bells, last weekend was one of my favourite weekends of the year, Folk festival. It’s one of these odd weekends which always seems to be hot and sunny and there’s a fantastic atmosphere in town with hundreds of folk groups dancing and playing music. However as most folkies wear bells on their shoes, sticks and as part of their costumes there is always an echo of jingle bells around town this weekend.


manWP_20150917_002 (2)

A joint make this week from Little Man and I, his first homework of the year was to make a jointed puppet. It was a lovely activity and he talked about all the different parts of the body and added the heart and brain.

I have also made progress on a computer game, Inside Out’s Thought Bubbles. Normally I am indifferent to computer games, Tetris, Snakes etc.. all passed me by but this game which Little Miss chose for her tablet is addictive. It has taken me days and lots and lots of games to pass my nemesis of Level 23 but I’m zooming up the levels again. It’s a great distraction.


After over a year of trying to grow my hair longer and very little progress I took some professional advice and have chosen a shorter style. My hair has also been over coloured and is damaged so I have made the very difficult and challenging decision to leave off colour for another 6 weeks. I am now wearing a shorter hairstyle with a few silver highlights, it does make me self-conscious and a little uncomfortable, I am just hoping that its worth it over time!


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