Wow …


I have always loved this poem and I was reminded of it tonight when something wonderful happened to me on my evening run.  It was only to be a quick run, a 3o minute blast to get back in time to pick up Little Miss from Brownies.  As the dark nights are drawing in I was keen to make the most of my run in the light and I took one of my favourite routes along the coastal path.  The scene was just stunning tonight, there was a stillness and calm on the sea and the sunset reflecting off the water was beautiful.  However, something caught my eye in the sea, at first I thought it was just a few waves crashing but the more I looked I realised I was looking at dolphins swimming in the sea.  I stopped running and just stood and stared.  It was an amazing moment, one in which time and mile splits suddenly were irrelevant, my breath really was taken away by the beauty and magic of nature.  I may not have run my best time, or achieved a personal goal but it was one of the most awe inspiring runs I have ever had the privilege to do.


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