Sunday Sea Life!

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Unfortunately, we had to change our planned family day due to inclement weather but we had such a brilliant day out, it was a very worth while change to the plans.  When we awoke to miserable weather and rain, we needed a new family activity and inspired by our breakfast cereal box, Mr S suggested a trip to the local aquarium. The link to the cereal box was that it had a voucher on for BOGOF and Mr S got sent out to the shop for another box with the same voucher thus saving £40 on our day out.  I do like a saving!

I have passed the Aquarium many times but until today I had never been in, from the outside it doesn’t look too impressive but inside it was wonderful. As well as the exhibits there was also a special competition to be a LEGO deep sea diver, so we had fun looking for LEGO toys in the tanks.  The centre housed all different sea creatures, rays, sea horses, sharks, turtles, ocean life and penguins.  My favourites were the turtles and the rays mainly for their stunning appearance and the graceful way in which they glided through the water.  I loved the patterns on the animals the patterns, shapes and shades were stunning, there is so much inspiration in nature.  As well as the sea life there were also simple rides, we did Crocodile Creek, a water flume and got soaking wet, much to the children’s amusement and Copacabana where the children could play in splash pools and fountains, we were prepared and brought towels and swimming costumes with us.  Fortunately by lunch time, the weather had improved greatly and we enjoyed our picnic and then were able to play in bright, warm sunshine.

The Sea Life centre was really informative and interesting and I was pleasantly surprised by its work on conservation and pledge not to exhibit creatures simply for public enjoyment, thus there were no dolphins or whales.  The day went so quickly and we all really enjoyed the attraction, best of all we got free return tickets for September to see their latest exhibit, we’re already looking forward to our return.


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