Little Sparkles

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It’s been a much more relaxed and family focused time this week and with our mini heatwave it’s meant lots of time outside and playing in the sun. We’ve enjoyed some nice family times in the sunshine, on Saturday we played on the beach and on Sunday we were at a local farm picking fruit. We were back on the beach after school on Monday and to cope with the heat, the sprinkler in the garden has been used to cool us all down!


After seeing a number of recommendations for her new book, I have started to read Sarah Winman’s ‘When God was a Rabbit’   I am around 100 pages into it but have to admit to not really enjoying it, there seems to be too many themes, mental health, child sexual abuse, child neglect, a talking rabbit called God! It feels like it’s a contrived list of things which might shock the reader but which don’t interweave with a real plot yet. I may persevere for a few more pages as I don’t like to give up on a book but it’s not a great recommendation to read her new book.

I have also read one of Little Miss’ books, Judy Moody. It’s not a series I’m familiar with so I read it to see what Little Miss is reading and so I can talk to her about the book. The titled character is cleverly crafted, Judy Moody is a little moody but you see chinks of the person she really wants to be and how she uses her character as a defence.  Children’s books can be real works of genius and I think Judy Moody is a character we can work with!


I listened to an excellent edition of Woman’s Hour on Wednesday which revealed this year’s Top Ten Influential Women in the UK. It was a good mix of women from media, politics although I didn’t agree with the whole list. I felt it lacked contributions from science and technology and education. However it was still an interesting listen and key words seemed to resonate of the nominees, strength, dignity, responsibility. The number 1 in the countdown was Nicola Sturgeon and her interview was intelligent, reasoned and witty.  I’m definitely an admirer.



Nothing on television, not even Wimbledon! It’s too bright and sunny to have the television on, I prefer to sit outside and enjoy the cooler evenings reading a book or jotting down a few ideas and plans. This week it’s been the children’s school Sports Day so I have seen the children run, jump and throw in a nicely organised afternoon of sport. Sadly the weather was a bit bizarre, we had drizzle to begin with, then bright, hot sunshine which led to the grass steaming, then a sea mist and finally heavy rain which led to the cancellation of the parents’ race, no sticker for me this year L



After our fruit picking trip, I made a delicious gooseberry crumble, sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. Among the other random things I have made this week are lots of sandcastles and a pirate eye patch for Little Man who has become obsessed with pirates this week after Pirate Pete made a surprise visit to his class.


A dress and heels! It was our school prom on Friday night and I got in the full spirit of the occasion by dressing up. It was an amazing experience and the Prom team had done so much to make it an absolutely stunning occasion.

I also wore my comfy, well-worn Teva sandals when I went fruit picking.  They’re a very useful, Summer sandal and I was amused to read in the Times that apparently they’re the trend of this Summer.



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