Happiness is ….. Running

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Up until about a year ago, I was a runner. I ran regularly with my club and on my own.  I ran races up to half marathons, did our club championship and loved my sport.  And then I lost my va va voom, I was busy and tired, a hard, cold Winter had ruined my confidence and then when helping Mr S in the garden I slipped and hurt myself badly.  The initial diagnosis was rest for two months but after this time I was still struggling and in pain.  For the last four months I have patiently trained on the cross trainer and cycled, my tentative steps back into running hurt me, the pain was too much and I returned to the cross trainer.  However this week my beloved gym has closed and I have been brave enough to try running again.  I was so anxious, the pain has been intense and I worried about my form, recovery etc.  However, I am so excited that I have now done two runs without pain during or after the run, they are shorter than normal, only 40 minutes each so far and I have walked a little but I am running again.   I can progress from here, I’m already planning a few park runs, a local 10 miles and a Spring half marathon and that lovely runner’s feeling is returning although I will start cautiously and listen to my body!  I feel so different when I run, admittedly I have run in pretty perfect conditions this week, early in the morning or late at night when its been warm with a breeze and I have managed beautiful routes off road but running changes me, it makes me happier, calmer, more relaxed.  I have time to reflect, think and plan.  I can listen to music and be creative and imaginative, it is my time.  I am so happy that I have running as my thing again.


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