Little Sparkles

Years ago when I was a student, I used to have a page from Cosmopolitan magazine taped to my bedroom wall.  This page was stuck on the wall of my student digs, my first shared house and was key bits of advice for a Cosmo woman and was full of brilliant counsel.  One I have always remembered is that sometimes you need to do extra than the 9 -5 at work.  Whilst I only work part time and try to maintain a healthy work life balance there are some weeks when you just have to do that extra (as there are weeks when you get to do that little bit less) This week I’ve needed to do extra work to make my working life just a little easier.  Each evening this week I’ve been busy report writing, completing assessments and inputting data as well as preparing for a peer observation activity.  I have finally completed them and feel a great sense of relief and calm, I can enjoy the final weeks of term now.  This week’s edition of Little Sparkles is quite limited as a consequence, can reading assessment criteria and level descriptors count as my reading?



I haven’t stopped reading letters home from the children’s school this week, its been a little ridiculous I think there’s been ten in total!  A 2 page newsletter, a school trip permission letter, lunch menus, Sports Day information, School fayre flyer and raffle tickets, head lice letter, PTA bulletin, leaflets from the local Sports Centre, a health pamphlet and a letter requesting recycled trays for a Science project!  The Summer term is always very busy with Sports day, trips, fayres, proms and parties so as well as remembering the above for the children I have also read numerous emails on similar topics for my school too!



I’ve not had the time to listen to much music this week but managed to catch a few episodes of the Archers, one of my guilty pleasures.  I have been puzzling over it though as I’m sure the actress who plays Pip has changed.  I may have to do an Internet search to discover the truth. (Postscript, I was right there has been a change I do prefer the old voice!)


Nothing on the tv this week but I did love this video which was linked via a tweet about life without the invention of the Internet, its witty and though provoking and I love the cameos.


In writing this post, I am realising that work has definitely dominated my life this week, no new recipes, no crafts.  Instead my best suggestion for makes are the resources I made for a lesson observation.  There is something therapeutic about cutting, sticking and laminating, perhaps its the monotony and repetition which relaxes!



My final tedious category, as all my work has been computer based this week I’ve been wearing my glasses to ward off any migraines given the extended hours I’ve been looking at a screen.  Fingers crossed its worked.


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