Lets Go Fly A Kite …


Our family time today was a treat for Father’s day with a meal at a pub.  As it was a country pub, we decided to make an activity of it too and stopped off en route to fly a kite.  The kites were presents from my sister in law,  as at our last visit we had been talking about simple pleasures and kite flying.  A few weeks later some lovely kites arrived for the children courtesy of her, a generous and thoughtful gesture.  Although bright it was a breezy day, so perfect conditions to fly a kite.  Little Miss got the hang of it very quickly and ran around the field flying her kite.  Little man was more frustrated and cross with his kite until we realised one of the sticks had been put in incorrectly and when rectified he too ran and laughed at his kite.  As a very unexpected bonus as we looking in the sky at our kites the Red Arrows flew over in formation, I’ve no idea where they were performing but it was a real treat to see them.  Lunch at the pub was lovely, a simple but very happy Father’s day.


The homemade cards for Father’s day


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