Little Sparkles – The Holiday Edition

This week’s edition comes from Corfu, well it was written and planned in Corfu but for me holidays are a digital detox so is being typed up at home.  Our holiday was wonderful, a stunning resort, gorgeous weather (apart from a spectacular storm on Wednesday afternoon) and really special family times.  I have drafted another post about the holiday so I’ll just do Little Sparkles here.



Whilst I think my Kindle has many attributes nothing beats a new paperback to go on holiday.  This choice was an impulse buy, I had read no reviews or press and simply chose it because it was in the charts at half price and as it was written by a French author and translated into English it appealed to the Francophile in me.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough, I finished it 2 days ago and am still thinking and reflecting on it.  Its been described as a love story, mystery and crime story, though to me it could easily be a tragedy.  The characterisations are brilliant and the plot twists are intelligent, believable and all add to the story which has a highly satisfactory uncontrived ending, some characters will continue to haunt me.

As with the most loved books, it is now dog eared, splashed with water and sprayed with sun tan lotion but that just makes it even more special and I am sure I will dip into it again, there are some beautiful quotes and language in it that just encourage it to be re read.


Whilst I have been busy watching the children in the pools, I love people watching on holiday from behind my sunglasses on the sun lounger.  I observe the fashions, family dynamics, guess the nationalities, people are so interesting.


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On holiday it is lovely to sit back and simply listen to people enjoying themselves, the shrieks from the pool, the encouragement of parents, the laughter and applause as a family member descends a slide, happy times.  I have also listened nightly to the childrens’ disco songs, a European mix of cheesie classics,  Agadoo, the Birdie song in French and other Euro tunes designed to satisfy all the nationalities at the resort.  The childrens’ disco is a lovely example of how children can communicate despite language differences and all enjoy dancing and playing together,



One morning at the Children’s club, Little Miss and I decorated this t-shirt, I really enjoyed our time simply painting and talking.  She chose very carefully the words for her t-shirt and added all our names.


I have also made my family laugh a lot this week.  Once by accident when I hoped a rather undignified but spectacular fall from a rubber ring into the pool would have gone un noticed until I saw the boys laughing hysterically and using hand signals to illustrate the fall.  Then, I had a go at lots of scary slides at the resort, with names such as Double Twister, Extreme and the Black Hole they only encouraged me to ham up my performance with lots of girlie screams which had my audience laughing rather than applauding my performances!


I got to wear my new Summer clothes this week!  During the day it was swimming costumes and cover ups and in the evening a simple dress or shorts with a fancy top.  My buy of the season has to be my cherry red shorts from Next, so comfortable and stylish.  I’ve also worn those Summer essentials, sun tan lotion, sunglasses and a straw hat


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