Little Sparkles

As I write this I am buzzing with the excitement of our holiday tomorrow, I’ve had a lovely week getting ready for the holiday, all is ready and packed and I have pretty nails, nice hair and am smooth all over!!


job bk

I have started the book, All Day Long by Joanna Biggs. It was a book I picked up at the library and it contains accounts of people’s working days. I’m finding it really interesting and am reflecting on many aspects of it, the way our working lives are changing, the type of work we are doing and the way we work. It has also made me appreciate how much I love my job!


mix tape

This week I have been creating the Holiday Mix Tape (see earlier post) so have been searching and listening to lots of different music. It’s amazing how one song can lead to a recommendation and a whole musical journey develops. I’m looking forward to hearing our Play list in full, there are some cracking tunes on it!

I also tuned in to Test Match Special (TMS) today as the first Test match of the Summer started. It is such a delightful broadcast, it captures the spirit of cricket and is a witty and relaxed accompaniment to the day.


WP_20150517_02420150517165038 (2)

More on the cricket theme as on Sunday afternoon, whilst Mr S and his Dad watched the football play offs at home, I took the children to the cricket club to watch a fun cricket  tournament featuring local clubs and companies in a short format of the game.  I was there particularly to cheer on my running friends and the ladies finished as sporting runner ups. It was a lovely atmosphere, bright sunshine, relaxed conversation and of course a legendary cricket tea.


WP_20150518_003 (1)

This week, a national newspaper has been giving away Lego kits. Despite it being a paper I despise, as a good Mummy I have been every day to buy it and get the Lego. Therefore this week’s make is a Lego model because whilst Mr S is the Lego King I was challenged to make a model and couldn’t resist, I made the car and am proud of my efforts!


WP_20150520_001 (1)

In the week of a holiday it’s not about what you wear but what you’re not allowed to wear as everything is washed, ironed and packed away for the holiday.  Whilst my wardrobe has been rather plain and simple, I have worn sparkly nail varnish on my toes since my pedicure on Wednesday and I have also worn my hair straight since my Keratin treatment too.  For someone whose hair grows out rather than down , the treatment has been a revelation and after years of a frizzy mess I am loving smooth, longer hair.


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