Corfu 2015

resortLast week, during half term we had an amazing time at the Aqualand Resort in Corfu. It is an all inclusive resort set among the green hills of Corfu, with three swimming pools and an adjacent Water park.  It was the perfect venue for us, the resort was so clean, tidy and well maintained, the food fresh, plentiful and varied and there was plenty of entertainment during the day and the evening.  However rather than write a full review of the holiday I thought I would just note down the sparkles which made us love the holiday.

* The preparation, holiday hair and fancy nails.

* Shopping at Departures.

* Stepping off the plane late at night as the warm air hits you by surprise.

* The smell of suntan lotion.

* Swimming costumes and cover ups .

* Flips Flops and sunglasses.

* Taking time and enjoying getting ready for dinner.

* Sitting on the balcony early evening with Little Miss reading our books in warm sunshine.

* Just being in the moment.

* The Children’s Euro disco, cheesie classics and Dad dancing!

* Putting away the digital devices.

* The taste of sunshine in salads and fruit.

* New scenery

* Family photos.

* Just the 4 of us.

* Regional foods and delicacies.

* Cocktails.

* Happy sounds, laughing, splashing, chatting.

* Waking up to bright sunshine and a warm breeze.

* Pancakes for breakfast.

* No cooking, cleaning or washing.

* Watching a spectacular thunder and lightning storm and soon after sunbathing in beautiful sunshine.

* Tan lines.

* Lie ins.

* Devouring a bestseller on a sun lounger.

* Rediscovering your ‘fun’ side

* Family card games.

* The tinge of sadness as suitcases are packed and its time to leave.



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