A Wildlife Trust Day Out


At the end of the school term, a flyer came home advertising a local Wildlife Trust day, it looked interesting so was pinned to the noticeboard as a possibility for today.  With no plans other then to go out for a long walk we headed to the Wildlife day and what a day it turned out to be.  I was expecting a few planned walks but there was a wealth of activities available.  We walked first, participating in the family walk, although there were 6 and 13 mile options too.  Our guide was not simply a route but it detailed the animals, birds and plants we might see and provided an interesting commentary to the walk.  When we returned to the base there were lots of fantastic nature activities for the children to do, they made hedgehogs from sticks, berries and clay, a windmill from paper and watched a highly entertaining puppet show which really explored the art of story telling, I was rapt in the tale and the children sat enthralled and amazed, happily joining in with the story.  It was such a lovely experience and a perfect way to end the school holidays.



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