Our Happy Lists


Among the blogs which I like to read there is a trend to share 50 things which make you happy.  There is a hashtag or linky to it but I prefer my blog to be private.   As well as my list I also asked the children about their happy things, we chose 5 and I love their choices.


50 Things which make me happy and sparkle (in no particular order)

1. Cuddles with my children.

2. Warm, fuzzy memories of special times with my husband.

3. Being with my family.

4. Radio 4 especially Women’s Hour, the Archers, Desert Island Discs and The Westminster Hour.

5. Afternoon tea ……. the ultimate being at the Ritz.

6. Lists

7. Lovely, new stationery.

8. Pottering around.

9. Strictly Come Dancing, the sequins, sparkle, music, costumes, make up no other programme comes close to making me this happy.

10. Music, I have a very eclectic taste!

11. Twitter, especially for all the amazing, kick ass women.

12.  Running

13. A ripe mango.

14. Chris Evans’ breakfast show, he would be the DJ to the soundtrack of my life.

15. A new Boden catalogue.

16. Baking and licking the bowl.

17. Holidays.

18. Photos, taking, organising and looking but definitely not posing for!

19. Bags, I love, love bags.  My lust for item.

20. Sewing.

21. Appreciating art.

19. Prints and patterns.

20. Sunshine.

21. Warm, Summer evenings.

22. The sun on my face and the sand between my toes.

23. A good film.

24. Scrabble.

25. Hats and scarves.

26. My Filofax.

27. A cup of tea.

28. Test Match Special, TMS.

29. Painted nails.

30. Sunglasses and flip flops.

31. A library.

32. Politics, local, national and international.

33. Poetry.

34. My town

35. A clean and tidy house.

36. An empty laundry basket.

37. Carnival week.

38. Tommy the Elf.

39. Recipe books.

40. My job as a special needs teacher.

41. My children’s giggles and laughter.

42. Children’s literature.

43.  Books, Kindle or the special feel and smell of a new paperback.

44. Hot Cross Buns.

45. Glossy magazines at the hairdressers, the only place I get to catch up.

46. Family heirlooms, my ring and bangle.

47. Freshly washed bed linen.

48. A warm bath filled with bubbles.

49. Essential oils and natural remedies.

50. Friends.

Little Miss’ 5 Happy things ..

1. Being calm.

2. Having friends.

3. Being kind to everyone.

4. Being with my family.

5. Playing

Little Man’s 5 Happy things..

1. Reading a book with Daddy.

2. Star Wars.

3. Playing with cars.

4. Playing on the beach.

5. Playing Wii U


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