Old Friends


Today was one of those impromptu days which ends up just perfectly.  Last week, I was thinking of an old friend who recently lost her Dad after a long illness.  Sadly these days, we are no longer living around the corner from each other and it is now more than a 100 mile difference between our homes, yet I really wanted to see her and let her know I was thinking of her.   So, I typed out a quick email along the lines of I know its unlikely and really short notice but do you fancy meeting up during the holidays  and amazingly today we managed it.  It was wonderful to see her and her two boys, how did us teenage girls manage to mature into mothers?  In the nicest possible way, thirty years later we still seem to have the same friendship we shared as teenagers, no matter how much time has passed I feel relaxed and myself in her company.

We chose a venue half way for both of us, a fantastic motor museum and after the initial shyness and hesitation the children got on brilliantly and played happily whilst we were able to catch up.  The museum was one of the best I have visited with the children, there were lots of activities for them to try, brass rubbings of the cars, motor bikes and cars to sit in, spray painting a mini and an Easter bunny hunt which meant they had to really carefully look around the exhibits.  There was also a really impressive outdoor play area and with the perfect weather today was one of those really happy days.



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