A Morning in the Kitchen


This morning I have been busy in the kitchen preparing for Easter Sunday tomorrow.  I love to potter in my kitchen and in here I feel my most relaxed, creative and happy.  Apart from the functional use of the room, the kitchen is so important as Its where we eat as a family and share our day’s news.  We use the table here for all our craft projects, playing board games and doing homework.  Its where I sit in the mornings when the sun streams through the window and I read the paper or work on my computer.  Its the room where I do my sewing and listen to the radio, or in the mornings entertain the children with my Mummy dancing as I make breakfast.  It is my favourite room, the heart of our home.

Today I have been in the kitchen baking for tomorrow.  I love baking and a morning in the kitchen is my idea of bliss.  The recipes this morning were little chick cake pops and a few cup cakes topped with Easter decorations I made using a new mould.  The mould was a recent purchase from Lakeland, one of my favourite shops full of inspirational ideas for the kitchen.   This is the second time trying cake pops and I still quite haven’t mastered the art of the smooth chocolate around the cake, however I adapted my original idea and used a pastry brush to give a rougher texture to make them look fluffy!  If I try these again I might look for an alternative to icing pens for the facial features, possibly small sweets etc. The moulds were excellent and if I make a Simnel cake next year may use these for some simple Easter marzipan decorations or make some fruit crème sweets for neighbours.  Chocolate would work but there is so much chocolate everywhere its nice for a different sweet treat.



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