Our Easter Decorations

I cannot resist an opportunity to bring some extra sparkle to our home , so have been busy this week decorating the house ready for Easter.  Its a collection built up over the years complemented by this year’s school craft projects and Easter bonnets.  the main decorations are in the Living Room around the fireplace and the Kitchen on a window sill.  One of the essentials of my displays are bright, fresh flowers to bring colour, smell and vibrancy to the theme.

WP_20150404_003 WP_20150402_006


The above are the Kitchen decorations, our driftwood tree provides the centrepiece for the window with gorgeous bright daffodils and mementos from previous Easters, the yellow crochet chicks are handmade by Grandma and whilst on Easter Sunday will be sitting on a chocolate egg, for display purposes and to avoid temptation they currently sit on empty plastic eggs!  Its not a great picture so its hard to see Little Miss’ Easter basket made at Rainbows and by the tree is a stone washed up on the beach on which I have painted a cross.  To me Easter is an important religious celebration and this should be reflected in our decorations,

easter re

I do like my bunting, so there is more in the Living Room!  I am a little disappointed with my tulips this year,  the promise of the bright buds has not matured and at only a few day’s old I think they look like they’re withering.  However there is plenty of cuteness here with the decorations.  Finally here is Little Miss’ Easter card this year which I love!

WP_20150402_011 (2)


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