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For a number of personal reasons I don’t use photographs of myself or my family online, the most prominent reason is that my children are adopted and I need to keep our family life private.  I do find this a shame as I love to take photos (daily!) of my little family and our life and would love to be able to share these photos. However for my own peace of mind the images used in this blog are more general images which protect our identity.   This weekend I have decided to try and jazz up my blog, by replacing the rather childlike avatar into something which reflects the real me (honestly I am a real person)  I have had a little play on an avatar website and have come up with the above images, illustrating me at different stages of my life, on the website it doesn’t specify an age simply as now and future.   I was quite impressed with the images, although I must stress that the now photo should have a few more lines.  I’m comfortable and happy in my skin at 42, it tells a story of my life.  However, I find it remarkable how your hair colour changes over time in these illustrations but your skin appears ageless.  I suppose the now photo is me on a good day, hair recently straightened and coloured, wearing my Estee Lauder foundation ( a little bottle of magic)  and my sparkly lip gloss which counts as my make up routine.  I actually have a blouse like in the picture!   So this is me, minus my silver hoop earrings and a few lines and blemishes but hopefully it adds a more personal touch to this site.


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