Easter Bonnets

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It feels  that Spring has taken a long time to arrive this year, after a mild WInter the last couple of months have seemed dark, cold and long and coupled with an injury which has stopped my running and hurt a lot its been a frustrating and miserable time.  I am looking forward to lighter, longer days full of a bit more colour and hopefully a bit more strength and vitality!

Easter is now slowly creeping up on us.  The children finished school today so last weekend we were creating our hats for the traditional Easter bonnet parade, a tradition of over 100 years standing in their school.  It is a beautiful tradition which parents and children take very seriously and some of the creations are incredible.  Above are our creations for this parade, Darth Vader may seem an unusual choice for the Easter story but when you look at some of the themes in the films and the ultimate sacrifice in his death, there are more similarities than one may expect.  Little Man was absolutely delighted to include Darth Vader on his hat and liked to think of the lambs as Easter stormtroopers!   Little Miss helped me with the shopping for the decorations and chose the rabbits as her theme with a few extra details.  We had a lovely session making the bonnets and will use them in our Easter decorations next week.


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