I found the above on a pin on Pinterest and it seemed a great word to describe my preparation for Christmas.  I have really enjoyed this Christmas and all the planning and preparing, I relish the anticipation and excitement of planning a big event,  I am that person with the notebooks, coloured pens and lists, its me in my element.   I have read a lot written about the stress of the period, the commercialisation and extravagance, yet I do believe that you are responsible for designing the Christmas you want.  I try to focus on the simple pleasures of Christmas, time with family and friends, thoughtful gifts, crafts, good food etc..  I started thinking about Christmas in the Summer, I like to buy one new Christmas decoration a year for the tree  and a Disney one seemed to perfectly reflect our year, full of sparkle and magic, we chose our decoration together at the Christmas shop in Disneyland and I like to think I showed great restraint in choosing only one!    Over the year, I have listened to the children on what they liked and jotted down ideas in my Filofax.  Little Miss’ joy and delight at a fan in her stocking which she had loved in a shop in the Summer was worth being that bit prepared.  I do spread my shopping over the Autumn months as this does help the budgeting and being organised means I can spend December enjoying Christmas activities with friends and family rather than worrying about shopping.  I also love browsing through the Christmas magazines for culinary inspiration and creating menus.  To me it is a pleasure to cook for my family and our relaxed meals eaten in the sparkle of the Christmas lights are as special as the big events like seeing Santa and parties.

Christmas is a very special time and to conclude in the words of Dr Seuss …



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