The Pantomime


After the New Year’s Eve revellers have all returned home, January is a ghostly month in our town.  Many shops and businesses shut for the month or only open a few days a week or with much reduced hours.  It is essential to plan shopping for daylight hours in January!  The town is full of road closures too as the authorities choose our quietest month for essential works. It is a quiet and eerie month.  However among all the hush and stillness, the local drama company put on the annual pantomime which provides much needed laughter and sparkle.  This afternoon, Little Miss and I went to the pantomime which this year is Cinderella.  It is amazing how a small town like ours can put on such a professional and quality show purely from talented volunteers.  It is not simply the actors who are talented, the scenery, lights, sound, costumes were all stunning, Cinderella’s carriage was so breathtakingly beautiful and it was clear to see how much work had gone into it, yet it was only on stage for minutes.  The level of attention to detail was so impressive in all areas of the show.  The play itself was excellent, a traditional pantomime full of humour, songs, witty asides and lots of audience participation and a perfect way to spend a Winter’s afternoon at the theatre.  I hope that as the children get older they will participate in some way to the richness of our community life, clubs, societies and activities are so integral to our town.


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