Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is one of my favourite days of the year, as life has progressed, I’ve had different experiences but all have been special.  Its a day of anticipation and excitement and a warm glow radiates throughout the day.  As a child it was a trip to the cinema or local pantomime and lunch in McDonalds, which was a rare treat, as a young adult it was meeting friends at lunchtime in local pubs before heading out to a club or party in the evening and now its a day full of visits from friends and neighbours, pottering in town, cuddling up to watch a Christmas film and leaving goodies for Santa. Today has been lovely, I love the community atmosphere around town, everyone happy and excited, families reunited for Christmas.  I do appreciate having an hour to potter in town on my own and soak up the atmosphere, today I had my time but then we all went down town later on together, it was lovely to sit in the gardens of the steam railway watching the trains and enjoying their Christmas songs and decorations.  Now everyone is in bed and we’re just waiting to start spreading the magic of Christmas.  Merry Christmas x


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