Christmas Lights


In the final few days before Christmas, I have planned a number of nice, simple activities for the little ones.  After the exhilaration  of the end of the school term, I’m trying to bring some calmness into these final few days before the anticipation and excitement of  Christmas Day.  Today’s activity was to tour the Christmas Lights.  Tommy our elf joined us showing us the favourite lights he sees on his magical flight to the North Pole every night and we played Christmas songs in the car.  We are a small town yet one which seems to embrace life and all its celebrations, hence the large number of delightful lights in a small area.  There are a real mix of lights, lots of beautiful, stylish houses and gardens draped in sparkling lights and then the Christmas character houses which the children loved.  Our favourite allowed you to walk through the garden where they had singing characters, tableaux and themed areas.


WP_20141221_014  WP_20141221_009  WP_20141221_010  WP_20141221_008


In addition to the homes, our town is full of independent shops and their window displays are also stunning this year.   Our street lights are simple but effective with strings of lights and snowballs.


WP_20141216_008  WP_20141216_011

The Christmas lights was a lovely activity and one which is inspiring ideas for decorating our house next year.


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