Oh Christmas Tree …….


I love the twinkling, sparkling Christmas lights in our house its looks so pretty in the evenings.  This year I have three trees in the house and just as I did a blog entry on my decorations, here are a few notes on the trees.

Our main tree is a real tree with our favourite tree decorations.  As we have lots of lights I’ve resisted the temptation of tinsel this year preferring to focus on the decorations themselves.  I like the handmade, crafty look than a formal dressed tree and it is a tree full of stories.


Our second tree is also in the lounge.  Its a very simple driftwood tree and is my homage to the true meaning of Christmas featuring stars, angels and the Holy family.  I love its simplicity and the powerful message it represents.


The final tree is in the kitchen my favourite room and one where I spend lots of time, not simply cooking but pottering around.  Its a bright, fun display featuring the LED tree and a tableau of the book ‘Stickman’  along with the bunting and some very fun lights.

  christmas window

I love my decorations and the Christmassy feel which radiates the house.  The decorations are now done so now its looking forward to the Christmas baking next week.


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