Christmas Crafting

christmas window


The Little Ones are at an age where we are beginning to do more craft projects.  I love crafting so I have been planning these projects probably since my own childhood, complemented now by the website Pinterest, my favourite website and a source of so much inspiration.  Today we made home made bunting which has been on my list to try for a long time. I think that our craft projects should celebrate and reflect us, so no Mummy doing the task whilst the children watched its all hands on deck to work.  The bunting was very simple, I drew outlines on bunting triangles and the children coloured and decorated.  Little man then went off to build his latest Lego model, whilst I showed Little Miss how to measure, pin and tack the material before we got the sewing machine out.  Little Miss was so taken with the sewing machine and after a few pieces of safety advice, I let her sew a few stitches on it.   She was so excited and was buzzing with ideas on things she would like to make, such creativity and so good to see such a spark alight.  I was very taken with a TED lecture I listened to recently which argued for creativity to be encouraged, nurtured and celebrated in schools.  Parents have such an important role to play too.  If you look in the top photo you will see Stickman made by Little Man next to Santa, subtle but it reminds of us a favourite story with a very personal touch.



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