My week … the one with sunny walks

I have really enjoyed the consecutive bank holiday weekends and the temporary return to a four day working week. This weekend has definitely felt short in comparison as you try to squeeze everything in, especially as its been a beautiful sunny weekend, a real contrast to the preceding two wet weekends.

Monday was a very wet and miserable day, but it suited our plans I drove our daughter to her boyfriend’s and then took our son to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy 3. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the film, it was very watchable, with a great soundtrack and some very pertinent plotlines, animal testing, family etc.. It was also nice to spend some mum and son time together and of course there were cinema snacks too.

The working week was good and productive, so evenings were spent relaxing. We finished the Diplomat on Netflix and are now awaiting the next season to find out what really happened at the end. I’m not a tv person, I enjoy watching a few things but have been very happy reading and finishing my book, ‘Its not me, its you’ by Mhairi McFarlane. Chick lit is wrongly maligned as a genre, but I need light and witty and I love McFarlane’s work. We also watched the latest Ted Lasso and again this series is simply genius. Hannah Waddingham, Rebecca in Ted Lasso has been co presenting Eurovision this week and has been absolute class. I haven’t watched a lot of Eurovision but caught a little of the end of the two semi finals which were more enjoyable than expected.

We tried to pack lots into a sunny weekend, the weather has been so grey and wet this year, that a sunny day demands an outdoor adventure! On Saturday, I did some pre run volunteering and then parkran, before a quick shower and change to do a walk between two local villages, stopping halfway for lunch, fresh pasties at a local bakers. The route took us through a forest carpeted in bluebells, through a farm and fields and meadows, before arriving at the very picturesque village. I was amused by the village’s leftover Coronation decorations, there appears to have been a scarecrow competition and we came across a bedraggled Prince Harry complete with bottle of champagne.

Today we decided to make full use of the £2 bus fare and went over to the neighbouring seaside town again. However today, we got off the bus early and walked along the prom for a few miles into the town centre, it was a beautiful morning and a sunny beach is the perfect Sunday morning vista.

Next week’s plans are preparing for the upcoming holiday with nail and hair appointments , before packing the week after as we leave straightaway when we break up. I like this anticipation and planning, holidays are our special times together.


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