My week … the one with autumn colours.

With busy weekdays, the weekends are special. A time to relax, do something nice, be with my family and catch up on little jobs. It’s surprising how rejuvenating a busy weekend can be if its the right things you are doing.

This weekend saw me catch up on some health checks, an eye test and my flu jab. In an impressive feat of organisation, I had both done in the same building and neatly went from one to the other. This was done in a neighbouring town, so my daughter tagged along and after my jobs we had a nice time picking up a few essentials and spending some birthday gift vouchers. There was of course the trip to a coffee shop for seasonal delights. We returned mid afternoon, just in time to watch the football scores and read the paper, with the sunshine streaming through the window. Having had a beautiful early morning run and then finishing with Strictly Come Dancing in the evening, it was a pretty perfect Saturday.

Each weekend, we do try to have one family day with a trip out somewhere. This weekend courtesy of a National Trust offer we enjoyed a complimentary day out at Kingston Lacy, its not our local NT property but we thought we would peruse the house and then take a walk in the grounds. It’s such a large property that the woodland walk which is only part of the estate is 5k. The house was interesting and a decent size which kept the children’s interest and curiosity for the tour. There were some really lovely volunteers who really made the house and it’s history come alive. We then walked around the different gardens, the Japanese garden and the kitchen garden were delightful, before doing the 5k woodland walk prior to our picnic lunch. The colours in the woods were just stunning and with the bright blue skies it was a kaleidoscope of colour. It was one of those days in which nature invigorates, inspires and relaxes you.


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