My week … the one with half term

Half term, especially October half term is one of the little sparkles of the year. The weather whilst cooler still allows outdoor activities and coupled with Halloween, bonfire night and family birthdays there’s always a nice atmosphere to the week. Its a week full of plans and little surprises. Sadly this year due to my post op recovery, its been a very quiet, home based week, there’s definitely lots of making up to do in the coming months. However, the children have been really good, its been a dull week but they’ve enjoyed bonus screen time, getting Disney + was an inspired idea and some creative tasks.

On Monday, the children did get to leave town. However, this was to get their Covid vaccinations at the local hub. Whilst the rollout for adults has been fantastic, its been slower and more frustrating for the over 12s, as the school vaccinations haven’t quite worked as planned. On the last day of the half term we got a letter from our daughter’s school offering the vaccination at the hub on special sessions dependent on age and surname. The first tranche was for 12 – 13 year olds which fortunately both children fall under. However, our son who is at special school had not received this information (its a bit out of the catchment area of the hub) We took the chance and took him to the correct age and surname session on Monday and they were more than happy to do him, although not clear, the session was for 12 year olds from the local surgeries not schools. On the letter, they had also said they would do siblings so Little Miss was vaccinated then too, rather than needing to wait until Nov 6th. Whilst both has a little bit of an achy arm, neither had any side effects. Its a big relief to have us all vaccinated and feeling more confident, I have booked the train tickets this week, for me and Little Miss to enjoy a day of Christmas shopping. For me, this is quite a big deal, public transport and a visit to a busy city centre, as I make more tentative steps to real life again.

The other trip out of town the children had was a family trip to the foot clinic! I am unable to drive so Mr S needed to take me. We feel that the children are too young to be at home alone for the few hours it would take to drive to big town, attend the appointment and return. Fortunately the clinic is in a shopping centre so when I went to the clinic, Mr S went for a coffee and the children went to some shops to spend their pocket money. They enjoy this independence and for Little Man especially this is a big thing, so the trip was well received. My foot is healing well, it was the first time I had got to see my foot since the operation. The wound is fine and stitched up neatly but I felt quite queasy and faint at the sight of my foot as it is black with bruises from the operation. I now have a smaller bandage so my foot fits in my boot better and am allowed to be on my foot for half an hour before resting and elevating it. This advice has meant that I am now taking a daily walk outside, at the moment its only up to the local post box and back but its good to be in the fresh air. I have another follow up appointment next week.

With the exception of my walks, I am still resting a lot at home, so lots of reading, 3 books this week and watching films. This week’s favourite film was Cruella, the background story to 101 Dalmatians. It was brilliant and I really enjoyed it, the costumes are stunning and a major part of the storyline. The two lead actors Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are superb in the film. Of the books I read, despite its rather grand title, Essentialism, the disciplined pursuit of less by Greg McKeown was an inspirational book with so many takeaways. It was recommended by a friend and certainly makes one consider lifestyle. Its main arguments are that you need to identify what really matters to you and then invest time and energy in these things to enable you to live a life of purpose and meaning. Its not about doing more but less, better.

As its Halloween this weekend, it wouldn’t be half term without pumpkin carving. We made it a little different this year by spray painting two smaller pumpkins and then painting them and then we followed tradition by carving the two larger pumpkins. I enjoyed the pumpkin painting, the results are great and we’ll be doing this again next year. I saw some Day of the Dead painted pumpkins online and this is on my list for next year. I also learnt (after we had carved and scooped ours) to carve and hollow out from the base of a pumpkin, a useful hint for 2022.

Today, Little Miss is out with her boyfriend to the swimming pool with all the fancy slides and then out for pizza as his birthday treat. She’s very excited and its been nice for her to have something to look forward to. Little Man definitely needs a treat in the coming weeks.

I was worried that this week would be a little dull for the children, however we have got through the week okay and its nice to know this was a one off and we can make our normal plans and more for future school holidays.


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