My week … the one in which I went back to school

This was the week in which Little Man and I returned to school, this marked 26 years as a teacher for me and the start of Year 8 for him. It felt like a bit of a transition week, from holidays to work, the summer to autumn. We also had mid and late week returns so it was a real mixed week and adding in the boys’ overnight visit to Grandad, its been difficult to work out the day this week.

The boys were away on Monday and Tuesday, so I spent the day working at home on Monday, whilst my daughter met her friends on the beach, however it was a bit chilly and they ended back at home where I made bacon butties. Fortunately, we had had a family beach day on Sunday when the weather had been great, so we did get the rays and surf this week. September is generally a nice weather month so I hope we’ll be back again this summer.

I had a very productive working day on Bank Holiday Monday which meant we could have a lovely girlie day together on Tuesday. I had noticed on the previous Saturday at parkrun that Little Miss needed new trainers so we went to ‘big’ town. The trainers purchase was full of negotiations as our budgets were widely different as were our opinions about brands. In the end she got a pair she liked in the preferred Nike brand and I relaxed the budget by £2 so she could get them. Once the trainers were bought we had such a lovely time just pottering and browsing the shops. I got a new dress for work and she spent her birthday voucher on a lumberjack shirt, hair bandana and lots of other little bits and pieces. She does have a real sense of style. We also treated ourself to a M&S food shop, it was a surprisingly healthy haul, my daughter loves their sushi and I their salads and strawberry topped yoghurt rice cakes. I was so pleased when she commented on what a lovely time we had had together and we have pencilled in a Christmas shopping trip on her Inset day at the end of November.

It feels like I’ve spent a lot of time with Little Miss this week, just the two of us. She surprisingly asked if she could join me for my Thurs run and then also came and ran parkrun with me today (although the new trainers are being kept for best for the first school PE lesson) It’s been a good week for talking.

I’ve tried to spend some time with Little Man this afternoon, as I felt I’d not really seen him much this week with him being away and my return to work. We went to the toy shop as Grandad had given him some extra pocket money but in the end after very long deliberations he decided he wanted some specialist vehicles for his army which are only available online. It was nice to just be out with him, I think we need another SAM (son and mum) trip soon.

Next week sees the first proper routine of school, work and clubs start again, I hope it all goes smoothly and safely. As much as I have loved this summer, I secretly enjoy the routine of the school year it gives the comfort and predictability in what has been such strange times.


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