My week … the one with a holiday, part 1.

This week is a quick entry. We’re on holiday (yep the blog title may have given it away) and I try to limit my use of digital devices so that I can distance myself from home life ( life admin, work etc..) and just focus on my little family. I’m writing on my phone as I still need this, particularly in Covid times when everything is on an app. I also have a rare 30 minutes on my own so am not using my phone in front of the children or Mr S, sometimes it’s really important to be present and holidays are an ideal opportunity.

We came on holiday on Friday so there were some highlights to my week pre holiday and then we’ve had some great times already. It’s simply a list this week

1. Catching up with friends. I was on holiday for the full week so took the opportunity to meet up in real life with friends and it just felt wonderful. I’ve missed the catch ups in cafes, although interestingly we all preferred to be outside for our drinks this week. Perhaps there are parts of our Covid life which have changed our routines and culture and also which question if we’re really ready for the no restrictions date of June 21st.

2. A Promising Young Woman. I’ve been meaning to see this film for a few months now and a wet Monday holiday afternoon was the perfect timing. It’s one of those films which haunt you once you’ve seen it, it’s a very clever film. (I also love that it’s director and writer Emerald Fennell, the great Patsy from Call the Midwife, won an Oscar)

3. Planning a holiday. I am in my element planning holidays, from activities, suitcases and menus to the holiday haircuts and all the beauty prep. This week I’ve had lots of lists and love ticking them off.

4. The boy who was raised as a dog by Bruce Perry and Maia Szalavitz. Perhaps not the most light holiday reading but an engrossing and enlightening book on childhood trauma. This came highly recommended by a colleague and I second her recommendation.

5. Things we’ve done this week on holiday that we haven’t done since pre Covid

– Gone to a indoor venue for drinks and entertainment. It felt strange to be ordering drinks via an app and not to be allowed to dance but to just be listening to live music was brilliant. Likewise the simplicity of having a drink on a bar terrace with Mr S was lovely.

– Family swimming. Again it’s all booked in advance, and you need to come ready in your swimming costume but it’s swimming together, having fun and it felt so good. There was also a tinge of regret for the missed holidays last year, as the children seem to have literally outgrown the games we used to play with them. They’re no longer the little children of olden holidays but nearly teenagers loving the new independence that a holiday brings.

– a parkrun route. I think there’s an official title for a parkrun not done on a Saturday morning on a course, freedom run? But thanks to great signage I ran the Hastings course this morning in the most beautiful weather. It won’t be long until parkrun is back and Saturdays will have that extra sparkle.

– Pottery painting and a natter. Little Miss and I had such a fantastic morning painting our pumpkin together. There was lots of discussion about colours and ideas and then when we were working on it, the conversation just flowed. We talk all the time and bedtime is a bit of a debrief of the day, but this conversation just felt different, more grown up. I know that every Halloween when we get our pumpkin out, I’ll remember the feeling of that morning.

The holiday chat will continue next week as we’re here until Friday. The weather so far has been stunning, I’m in shorts and tshirt for the first time this year and despite my apprehension, it’s becoming a very special holiday.


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