My week … the one in which we finally changed the oven lightbulb!

Its a tongue in cheek title this week, but this has probably been the dullest week of lockdown 3. We are so close to a loosening of restrictions but still subject to them, its frustrating. I also had to pause on my running after a silly injury last Sunday so had even more time at home. I have already pretty much decluttered and sorted every drawer and cupboard in the house, so the oven lightbulb really was about the only thing left to do, its been broken for so long, that I get excited every time I see it working now. At least I had work to keep me busy!

Planning for Easter

I tried to use my additional free time in getting ready for the coming weeks, planning for Easter and our cottage getaway. I’ve created my Easter menu and also sorted outdoor things to do near where we will be staying in Somerset. I also sent off the Easter cards and sorted a little gift for my parents. I try to be a thoughtful present buyer and after browsing so many sites, including my favourites, of Etsy and Not On The High Street, there was nothing that excited me to give as an Easter gift. I then got inspiration to look at Fortnum and Mason to see if they had any special Easter nibbles and was able to put together an Easter package for my parents, with a special seasonal blend of tea, Easter biscuits and some other treats for their Easter Sunday tea. It was more expensive than I would normally spend but tbh this year I’ve not spent much money and sometimes you just want to do that wow moment for someone. I knew that my mum would be beside herself to receive a parcel filled with goodies in the iconic eau de nil packaging and to be able to provide that little spark of joy and delight was worth every penny.


This week upon my colleague’s recommendation, I have been reading Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. Like a few management books I’ve read, it could easily have been précised into a paper rather than a book but the concept is really interesting and makes you reflect on communication.

“When you think of a fierce conversation, think passion, integrity, authenticity, collaboration. Think cultural transformation. Think leadership.”

I had to discuss an area of development with a colleague this week and decided to trail some of the suggestions. It was a really useful conversation and I do think it went better thanks to the model created by Scott.

The surreal

I took a slightly different route to work and was surprised and amused to meet a giraffe, not just a life size giraffe but one wearing a bobble hat too! Geoff the giraffe, because of course I’ve named him and created a personality for him, really made me smile and was just the start to the day I needed, if not a little surreal for a Wednesday morning.

And finally

I’m hoping this week will be a little calmer at work and a little more exciting at home. Its a 4 day week (although I work 5 days in 4 so have to still calculate what I’m working) and on Wednesday (fingers crossed on supplies) we have our second dose of the Covid vaccine. We’re planning a surprise for the team from our local medical practice whom are leading the clinic and its such a nice thing to be preparing. Its also Good Friday this week so hot cross bun day, nothing beats freshly baked buns from the local baker on Good Friday morning. There is a little excitement in the road map out of Covid restrictions next week, Monday sees the return of the rule of 6 and then the big countdown to April 12th and more freedom.

Have a safe week.


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