My week … the one with World Book Day

Another lockdown week and another week closer to nearly a year under restrictions. I think this coming anniversary is leading to a lot of reflection on how life was just before lockdown, the time when we could still do the little things. There is anticipation and anxiety about the coming months as we all look forward but worry that our hopes could be dashed again. Positively, Mr S had his Covid vaccine this week. We didn’t realise until recently he was classed as vulnerable because he has epilepsy. Its the kind of thing we’re pretty relaxed about as he takes his meds daily and hasn’t had a seizure in the last 20 years. However when we had that knowledge it did make us a little more aware, so his vaccination was a big relief. With the schools going back next week, we have been receiving the home tests for the children, it is going to be a strange experience testing and reporting the results. Certain parts of daily life have a surreal twist at present.

This week has been the last full week of home schooling, Little Miss is back in on Thursday as her secondary school introduces a phased return because of the testing. I have done my last day of supervising home school and am looking forward to her returning to school, she needs the social connections and real life experiences which can’t be replicated at home. I agreed with the closing of schools in January for all but key worker and vulnerable children but am pleased she is now going back to school. Our son has attended his special needs school throughout the lockdown, which was the correct decision for him, it is much smaller and felt safe. The rate here in January was off the scale and now as our daughter returns, the school’s large catchment area is all white on the map meaning the virus is suppressed. I did have to order some new school shoes this weekend, in fairness they needed replacing at Christmas (long story, I hadn’t bought her new shoes in September) but I had a little feeling that there might be a delayed start. Fingers crossed the shoes come by Thursday or she’ll be wearing a pair of my black flats. On the theme of education, I received my post graduate qualification certificate for my recent Uni course and the right to have a further acronym in my professional signature. The course was held regionally and it feels odd to have a qualification from a University that I have never visited. In a different year, I might have been able to pop in when visiting family in the same city. I’m not sure what I would have done, a drink in a student bar, bought new stationery in the student shop, browsed the library, I think I would have felt pretty old!

Its been World Book day this week, which is always one of my favourite days of the school year, I love seeing everyone dressed up and the special themed activities and events. I did think I had dodged the dressing up this year but two days before, we got the message from our son’s school to say that it was fancy dress as a character in your favourite book. Little Man’s favourite book is one on the history of World War 2, so he dressed up as soldier in camo gear. Fortunately, he has loads of camo clothes so this was pretty easy and he has a WW2 helmet too. One of the advantages of starting a new school this year is that it was also the same costume as 2020 ! Last year, we were sent home a class photo of the children in their fancy dress, little did we know that it would become our son’s leaving photo as one of the final occasions when the class were all together. As part of World Book day, I joined in my school’s paint a potato competition. Sadly I didn’t win a prize despite my anonymous entry but it was nice to do something a bit lighter and fun for work. I also had a go at a children’s book quiz on the BBC website and got full marks, I was dead chuffed! On the topic of reading, I am really enjoying my new book She’s Come Undone, it was recommended on a podcast and has me hooked.

My running has continued a pace this week, I’ve passed the 200 mile mark on the Lands End to John O’Groat’s virtual challenge. As a little treat for the evening long runs, I have a shower bomb from Wideye on my return. They are amazing, I discovered them via an online friend on Instagram and they smell and feel delightful. Best of all, whilst they are only a small company, one of their two stores is fairly local to me, so when shops reopen I’m looking forward to having a little mosey around the shop and to try a few more products.

This week there have been a few signs that spring is coming, I’ve noticed the crocuses and daffodils on the grass banks and some blossom dripping from tree branches. However the best sign was when I took Little Miss to the farm on Saturday and we got to meet the new lambs, born on Monday. They are so sweet and absolutely captivating.

Looking to next week, it’ll be strange to have both children back at school by the end of the week. Having finished my Uni course at Christmas and home schooling since then, I haven’t had ‘me’ time on my day off for a while. I have no plans this week for my day off, sometimes its just nice to see a day flow spontaneously.


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