My week … the one with the monotony of Lockdown 2.0

First of all I would like to stress that I recognise what a fortunate position I am in during Lockdown 2.0. My family are all healthy, our finances have not been affected by the pandemic, we live in a nice house and have all the essentials we need. Monotony is a small price to pay for such positives.

But the monotony is there, lockdown is dull, the lack of plans and the sense of disorientation as you try to work out what the coming weeks will look like. Life has become a merry go round of home life, work, runs and study. There is a glimmer of hope as a vaccine seems closer to being approved and the promise of ‘normal’ life is sweet.

However, even in the ground hog day exietence we are living through, there are always things to be recognised.

I watched …

This week, from a friend’s recommendation I watched the Children In Need DIY SOS special on iPlayer. It was the most life affirming and heart warming programme as the team built a surf centre for a charity who teach disabled children how to surf. I was blinking back tears throughout the programme, it was full of just the most amazing and inspiring people, volunteers, parents and children.

I read …

The Girls by Emma Cline. It is a disturbing book, based loosely on the Charles Manson story and I did find some of the scenes with the vulnerable young lead character very uncomfortable. However there was something gripping to the story in which you just had to find out how the horrific crime happened. I now need a much lighter book for my next read.

I ran …

At the beginning of the year as I was returning to running, I set a little challenge to run 500 miles over the year. It started fine, there were a few storms in January and February but generally I was doing 2 or 3 runs a week. And then lockdown came, which in the first instance, meant only one daily exercise allowed a day. This rule meant I ran less than 10 miles combined for April and May as I took my exercise with my family as long walks or cycle rides instead of running. However, this pause sparked a desire to run and when the rules were relaxed I started to run more often and for longer distances, I’m now doing 4 runs a week doing around 20 miles, I even managed a 100 mile month in October and this week, completed the 500 mile challenge. I’m happy where I am, I’ve no desire to run longer, more frequently or harder next year, my current routine keeps me healthy and balanced.

I studied … (and read and highlighted, and read and highlighted, and read and highlighted)

I’m currently doing a professional award for work with Exeter Uni. Its been a strange experience, I loved the first module, meeting up with others for lectures, discussions and support. However module 2 has very much been online and our assessment has been modified to recognise the difficulties of our original task in a pandemic. I am now working on my final assessment which seems to occupy every waking thought. However, I have an end date to work to and I am looking forward to relaxing after the submission date, its going to be manic til then, 48 days and counting.

Next week is more of the same, work and study, c’est la vie, but boy am I looking forward to 2021, a blank diary to fill with my studies completed. A year to celebrate the simple pleasures we have so missed in 2020.


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