My week … the one with the wet half term break

When I was preparing my photos for this week, I realised that its going to be one of those entries that actually looks far more impressive than the reality of what the week was, a wet and windy half term break, topped off with the news of lockdown 2.

We always go out daily, no matter what the weather (yep we’re those parents) so we did plenty of walks and a bike ride in the forest, although there were lazy afternoons playing Monopoly and computer games too. I had a night out with friends, albeit outside in a garden. It was such a lovely night and I kept warm thanks to a wood burner and many layers. I was thinking that we might just be able to do this winter socialising lark and then by the end of the week, we’re back to lockdown.

However as in every week there were highlights and here they are ..

I ran 100 miles in a month and completed a virtual 10k.

I never had a plan to run 100 miles in October, but about halfway through the month I totted up my miles and realised that it could be possible to run this milestone by the end of October and even with a wet final week, I did it with one day to spare. I’m dead chuffed as it seems such a big number and works out to around a 5k every day. I had a bit of epiphany at the start of the last lockdown and increased my runs and miles to help my wellbeing, there’s nothing like a pandemic to put your health and lifestyle into focus. I genuinely feel so much more relaxed and grounded with my running. This week as part of my running, I completed the virtual London 10k. I had been due to run a local 10k race in June and it was one of my #20for2020. However when it was cancelled I resigned myself that it would be an item to carry forward to #21for21. I then discovered that the London 10k was going virtual, so I signed up and using Map My Run, recorded and submitted my 10k. I love the idea, I created a playlist of songs connected to London as I love a theme and ran around thinking of my favourite parts of London. I have now signed up to the Edinburgh 10k. I was born in London and have connections to Edinburgh through my maternal grandparents, so I’ll run it and think of happy memories of my Scottish family. And of course, there will be another themed playlist.

I decorated the house for Halloween.

Although we did the pumpkins last weekend, I decorated the house midweek. I was a few days late this year as we were finishing off our bedroom makeover and I needed the house tidy and in order before I started on a new project. I did our traditional kitchen window, I love the decorations here, its a more stylish feel and then in a new departure, I decorated the children’s bedroom windows. I did the bedroom windows so they could be more easily seen by children on a pumpkin hunt, this year’s lockdown alternative to trick and treating. I used special pens for glass and was really impressed by the quality of the pictures on the windows. On Halloween itself, we played some games in the afternoon, a scavenger hunt, Halloween bingo, find the wiggly worms and hanging doughnuts. It was a simple but fun afternoon.

I helped with Halloween bakes!

On Friday morning, we made the most of a lazy morning and I made Halloween pancakes for breakfast. In the afternoon, I helped Little Man make Halloween shortbreads, half were flavoured with dried raspberries, the others with fudge. He was brilliant and I had very little to do apart from putting them in and out of the oven. On Wednesday afternoon, after a drizzly cycle ride in the forest, Little Miss came home and made Peanut butter chocolate brownies, the perfect snack served with hot chocolates to warm us all up.

I appreciated an art project …

On one of my morning runs, I was surprised but delighted to see a large fish on the wall of our local theatre. I researched the project a little further as after a few days it disappeared and we started to miss it. It was part of an environmental campaign to highlight the over fishing in the oceans and was brought to shore from the sea and then hung. I really hope that its the start of further art projects at the building, it got us all interested and pleased to see some new art.

I got reading glasses

I collected my reading glasses this week, after an urgent Saturday morning visit as I presumed my Thursday fitting appointment would be cancelled with lockdown. I cannot believe the difference they make and have made me realise how bad my eyes must have been, even the text on my phone looks so different.

I did some sewing …

In the last lockdown, I was disappointed that I didn’t manage to get my sewing machine out, so on a wet and miserable Saturday afternoon, I got it out in preparation of lockdown 2, did a little maintenance and then did a couple of repairs on masks and a jacket. Now, its time to find a sewing project to keep me busy and creative (and a possible distraction from my must finish by Christmas, Uni project)

And finally

So lockdown 2 starts on Thursday, typically the day I was meeting a friend for lunch which has now been postponed. I’m not sure what this lockdown will look like, I’m really hoping the children get to stay at school as they are both happy and taking them away from friends and routines will be tough. As a key worker, I’ll be at work onsite, as I have been every working day throughout the pandemic and this is as it should be.

Have a happy week in these strange times.


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