My week … the one with hot, sunny days.

This week was one of those bonus weeks, an extra week of summer in September. The weather was stunning and those simple pleasures of eating lunch in the garden, wearing flip flops and driving with the window down just felt fun. It was an ordinary week, which this year feels a relief. We settled into new routines and simply relaxed at home over the weekend.

I ran lots …

It was pretty perfect running weather this week and I’m continuing with my four runs a week, this week no run was less than 5 miles and I reached my distance PB for over a decade at 7 miles (happy dance!) I did have to run to the post box and back to get this momentous figure, I couldn’t leave my watch on 6.9 miles. Now I have two weekdays off and the children leave for school early, its given me more time for running, and I’m able to explore old favourite routes from many years ago.

I learnt lots …

Little Miss and I have created a homework routine for her during the week, and its worked well so far. Much of her homework is a knowledge organiser with lots of learning for knowledge quizzes in lessons. I am hesitant about the use of such organisers as I’m not convinced by rote learning. However, as a result of the homework, I am quiz master at the end of each session and am learning as much as she is (apart from French which I ace!) There is easily one hour of homework each night and then 20 minutes reading which we do together. This is quite different to what she has been used to but I’m really impressed with her attitude and she genuinely seems to be happy in her new school. Little Man is also loving his new school and its such a relief for us as parents to see our children thriving in school.

I’ve begun to think about Christmas …

I am organised and a real planner and generally I start thinking seriously about Christmas in September. However, this year with all the uncertainty, I’ve been a little more proactive and started to shop. I passed by a favourite shop this week and popped in to browse and pick up a few things. I am genuinely unsure of how life is going to be in the next few months and like to feel a little in control. It seems I’m not the only one preparing for Christmas this early, as a friend sent a message about the children’s presents and after an exchange of messages has ordered them. Its going got be a different Christmas and I am sad that many of our favourite festive events are being cancelled. However, its an opportunity to think creatively and do things differently. You never know perhaps we’ll find something we want to do in a ‘normal’ year too.

I visited one of my favourite places

This is a little sad as we visited one of my favourite local beauty spots for possibly the last time in a while. We have always been frequent visitors and its a place we love to share with others who visit us. It was privately owned by an old lady, who has very sadly died. It was allowed to open at the weekend but is now closed until her will and estate are sorted. There is so much charm at the site, it is beautifully old fashioned and I only hope that the new owners will respect the values and simplicity of the estate. It was busy on Sunday and as I walked around I remembered so many different trips, the fairy trails, Halloween walks, trips with family and friends and even many, many years ago when I used to bring my class there on our minibus trip. I really hope we’re able to return soon, it is a very special place.

I cooked some seasonal recipes …

Well I say seasonal and when I was adding the veggies to my online shopping basket, the casserole ingredients seemed a sensible choice for a dinner. However I ended up getting my slow cooker out for the first time this autumn on a hot and sunny day. I did cook up some couscous too and pretended it was a tagine, which seemed more appropriate. Despite this it was delicious and has inspired me for more slow cooker dishes. I love when you come in and smell dinner nearly cooked. I also made a delicious crumble using the blackberries we picked at the weekend, I added nuts to the topping and we all loved it.

I’ve enjoyed my little extra week of summer but I’m realistic that its probably time for autumn now. Have a good week.


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