The lockdown rucksack

Last week I was listening to the ‘Fortunately’ podcast and they talked about the lockdown rucksack which has become such a feature of my life since March. I thought it was just me, so I was relieved and amused to hear the reference and discussion. I love bags and have a bag for every occasion and more, so to have used just the one bag in lockdown has been a surprise. I wish I could say that its made me want to buy fewer bags but no, I still love bags and am looking forward to more variety.

A few years ago, I did a post about what’s in my bag and thought I would update it with my lockdown bag. The NYR bag is still there with all my essentials, tissues, wet wipes, rescue remedy etc.. but I don’t take a diary with me now, there’s very little to note down 😦 I’ve always carried a hand sanitiser, the NYR is my favourite but I’m currently using the Dr Bronner’s Lavender spray, which is a strong second. I can’t believe I actually have a list of best hand sanitisers, such a 2020 trend! The big addition is the little bag with masks for us all. Although, I have a purse in my bag that’s more habit than necessity, I’m barely in any shops and we have a weekly food delivery. The picture only shows one water bottle, generally its two so we can all have a drink on a long walk. The small blue blanket is to sit on, keep me warm etc.. and to stop the water bottles clinking together. Surprisingly I use all of these items on a daily basis, our lockdown lives have been characterised by long walks and this bag and my walking sandals have definitely been my lockdown essentials.

As schools return next week, our routine will change again and I think it will be time to retire the lockdown rucksack as a daily accessory, returning it to family trips out. I’m looking forward to wearing a different bag, something smaller, colourful and fun!


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