August 2020

August 2020 is unlike any August in my lifetime. Those lovely things we like to do in our school holidays are either closed or with such high restrictions that we’ve chosen to wait until we can do them safely again. All the special events in our seaside town have been cancelled, so no carnival, fetes etc.. and with our cancelled holiday, August seems an empty month. As a consequence we seem to be counting down the days until we return back to school after 6 months. We’re all hoping that September will bring the normality we crave.

However I will not be daunted by a set of unexpected conditions, it’s holiday month and we will be on the beach, cycling in the forest and even finding time to do the dreaded school shoe shop (I’ve already prebooked our slot!) I had planned to do something very special for our 10 year famiversary this month but sadly this was postponed. However we celebrate it, it will be a special day and there will be cake!


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