My week .. the one in which I had my nails done.

It was a strange first week of the summer holidays. As we haven’t been to school since March 20th, there wasn’t that big difference to our day, just the relief of no home schooling. It’s a different holiday, as we’re not doing many of our favourite holiday activities due to Covid restrictions. Whilst some activities can be done many of the places have chosen not to open at present. For example our local cinema isn’t open as there are no big releases to show. It will be a holiday of simple pleasures. However we’ve kept busy and active in week 1 of the lockdown summer holidays.

I read ..

I love my Kindle deals and this week’s book, Forest Therapy is another fine example. It was a book I was just going to read by season so started with the summer rather than at the beginning. However it’s really interesting and easy to read and I’ve been motivated to finish it all this week. Much of it is what we already now but it’s written in a friendly inspiring manner and definitely encourages an outdoor life for our wellbeing.

I played ..

This week we played on the beach in some gorgeous weather. We tend to go on the beach early and stay ‘til lunchtime. There’s an unusual atmosphere on the beach this year. Normally the children make new friends and all play together, but this summer everyone is carefully social distancing and it’s little pods on the beach. I miss the more care free days but recognise how respectful and responsible everyone is being to our safety.

I cruise ship watched ..

I don’t know what the term is for a ship spotter but it’s my new little lockdown obsession. There are loads of cruise ships on the south coast at present and they often sail up and down. I’ve discovered a website which maps where the ships are and it’s been a great reference site.

I had my nails done ..

I’ve missed pretty nails, it’s a frivolous spend but one that makes me happy. I was delighted to return to the local nail bar this week. Again there are new restrictions but it’s our new normal and I loved being there, catching up on all the local news and getting pretty nails.

I had a girlie morning

On the day I had my nails done, the boys went to their favourite museum (it’s a military one and is huge so no problems with social distancing) In the morning, Little Miss and I walked for miles along the coast path to a local beauty spot and had a great time just talking and relaxing together. After, whist I had my nails done she met a friend in town and things felt a little normal again ( well after my words of caution, mask, sanitiser, stay 1m apart etc..)

I finished the big sort out ..

During lockdown I blitzed every cupboard and had bags of donations for the charity shops. However shops were unable to accept donations and it’s taken until this week to drop them off at the shops (by appointment). I do feel the house is much lighter and organised now.

I wore ..

This week face masks became compulsory in shops and takeaways. I’m not often in either of these places but have worn my mask diligently when I went to the nail bar and the Post Office. I found that the vast majority of people were obeying the rules and it was all very calm and ordered.

And finally

I need to write a few more ideas of what we can do this summer. Fortunately the weather has been good this week but if it turns our choices may become more limited with the indoor restrictions. Time to create a few craft projects!


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