My week … the one where we graduated from home school

This is always such an exciting week, the end of the school year and the anticipation of six weeks full of relaxed, lazy days. We always write a summer holiday bucket list, but it doesn’t seem right this year, those activities which are normally so easy to plan, are more of a logistical challenge and we still seem to be living day to day. We have a few ideas and are determined to have the best summer we can under the circumstances it just seems a little sad that it’s not our normal summer holiday.

I finished as a homeschool teacher..

This final week was a little of an anti climax. I home school two days a week, Mr S three days. On Tuesday we had rearranged our meet up with my parents, so we didn’t do any school work and there was no work left for Thursday. Little Man had an afternoon at school on Thursday, so there was some structure to our day. I was really impressed that the primary school made such an effort to get the classes together on the field in a socially distanced manner to meet up and play before the end of the year. After the emotion of last week’s goodbye this was simply a fun afternoon for Little Man, a treasure hunt and ice lollies, a perfect ending to his primary school years.

I read ..

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. This is a book when you just root for the main character, hurting and damaged, you watch her unravel and simply want to scoop her up and build her up.

I listened ..

After finishing Queenie, I started another Kindle deal of the day Broken Greek. It’s an autobiography through music, the tracks are described so poetically that I felt that I needed to listen to them as I read. I did a quick Spotify search and found the playlist curated by the author himself. It’s an eclectic mix, but a great accompaniment to the book.

I walked ..

With less school work, it was longer walks to more places around the area this week. As my children get up ridiculously early, this meant that one day we were out on a hike by 8am. We walked across the top of the hills on the other side of the bay. It’s the opposite view to the one we have from our home and it’s great to look on the town from above and afar and find all the local landmarks. It is also offers a stunning panorama of the coast.

We also enjoyed a beautiful woodland and river work at a country park halfway between our home and that of my parents. It was our first time together since February and it was so good to meet up for a socially distanced walk, picnic and chill in the park. I’ve missed seeing my parents. On our 100 mile round trip, Little Miss negotiated with her brother to sit in the front and was my mobile DJ with her playlist on Spotify.

And finally..

We’re trying really hard to be positive and not too sad about the amazing things we’re all missing this summer, no carnival, no fireworks, no music festival, no holiday ☹️ Last summer was so good. We need to remember we’re all fit and healthy and our loved ones haven’t been affected by Covid 19. Next year we are going to have the best summer ever and I’m already writing our list to do. This summer will simply be a season of simple pleasures.


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