My week … the one in which I had my hair done.

So after 118 days, I finally got to have my hair done this week as hairdressers reopened. We also were busy with school good byes and transitions and managed a few forest trips and picnics. I’ve no idea why forests became a theme, it was random rather than planned. Sadly, a couple of meet ups were postponed because of dismal weather but they’re rearranged and we hope they will happen in nicer weather.

I’ve made ..

On Wednesday morning, Little Man and I very carefully (and hygienically) baked apricot and ginger cookies for a socially distanced good bye with his key staff at school. We individually wrapped the cookies so they could be eaten safely and were enjoyed by all. It was a lovely occasion. Little Man has had the same TA for 7 years and I love the school so much that I worried it was going to be a tearful meet up. However we all held it together and the tears only came at home when I read the good bye cards. Its a strange situation as our son was back yeared by our request in Reception and is in Year 5 rather than Year 6, his correct year. However, he is going to a special secondary school and needs to be in his correct year of Year 7 in September, hence his transition at the end of Year 5. His class were amazing and unbeknown to us, the teacher had organised virtually for them all to write special messages, pictures etc.. to our son which were presented in his leaving book. We had always worried that our son might be teased, bullied or excluded because of his learning needs, however this amazing group of children have been wonderful to him, he has proper friendships and has been very much one of the class. He’ll say goodbye to his class mates next Thursday, but we have agreed its best to play his good bye down and just let him have fun with his friends. We live in a small town so he’ll still be seeing his friends around and will still be able to hang out with them. (When we can do simple things like that again)

I’ve also made a few picnics this week, home schooling has very much slowed down, especially at secondary. As we have decorators doing work on the exterior of our house its been good to get out as we haven’t been able to use the garden. We’ve had long walks in the forest and picnics under the shade of trees.

I read …

I’m not able to settle to a book at present, there is a lot buzzing around in my mind so I’ve been reading a magazine instead, Breathe. I loved an article in it by Judith Hurrell, New Lease of Life about recycling, reusing, repurposing items. It reminded me how much I love to see friends’ younger children in favourite items my children used to wear. I only donate good quality clothes and am happy to receive too. When the children were little our neighbour gave us two beautiful wooden trikes her grandsons had outgrown and were designed to be played on in the house. The children adored these trikes and played on them so much, that I was so sad when they too outgrew them. I spoke to my neighbour and asked if she would be happy if I in turn donated them to two friends with younger children, she was delighted that they would continue to bring joy to others. I know that these trikes have been used by many different children and loved by them all, how nice it is to share the love of play.

I listened …

On my Saturday morning run (come back soon, parkrun) I listen to Sounds of the 80s from the previous night. This week’s programme celebrated the 35th anniversary of Live Aid and it really brought back the memories. I never saw Live Aid and only heard snippets of it on the day as I was on a school trip to Jersey. I do remember being on a beach and someone playing a radio and hearing Rocking All Over the World start off the day. To this day, I’ve never watched the concert, although I know some of the iconic images of the day as I had the Live Aid calendar on my bedroom wall for all of 1986. I have seen some clips and Queen will always be the performance of the day. I was interested to learn that they were one of the few groups who really took it seriously, planned and rehearsed thoroughly and therefore were able to give that performance. A lesson for us all.

I wore

Well apart from needing to wear items from every season’s wardrobe at times this week, I have been also wearing my new face mask. I have one and have worn it as needed, but it is black and looks quite sombre so as I think we’ll be needing to wear them more, I bought a pink flowery version (with filter.) I feel much more me in it.

And finally

Next week is the final week of home schooling (celebration dance, whoop, whoop) I have been pretty organised so far in returning school resources, delivering thank you cards and gifts, donating old uniforms, buying new uniforms etc.. so hopefully apart from the dreaded school shoe shop we can forget about school and simply enjoy the summer holidays. We have one cancelled meet up reorganised for next week, please be kind weather fairies and Little Man has an afternoon in school. This has been an emotional time, so I’m looking forward to the end of the school year and the time to relax (and not having to check TEAMS or Dojo)


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