My week … the one in which we questioned our values.

Normally this is a great week as the school in which I work has a two week half term and I have a week in which to meet friends for lunch, potter about and simply relax. However, this year it was a week simply without work for me, or formal work as the teacher became home teacher again and we resumed home learning. I do like the little projects the children are doing but I yearn to be out and about. I’m going stir crazy at home and that’s with a daily walk with the children and time playing in the garden too.

I needed a focus this week and inspired by Gretchen Ruben’s book I read last week, I looked at developing new habits and foci. I have been out first thing everyday alternating with a run or walk. On the days Mr S works this has meant I’m out at 5.15am, but I have felt so more energised and positive. I’ve also done meditation daily for the last week. Of course the challenge now is to continue this next week when I’m back at school.

This has been a difficult week on the international stage and the racism witnessed in America has reverberated around the world. This is 2020 and the images are horrific, I do hope to do a post on this topic but I do not believe that racism is exclusively an American problem it is a world wide issue which we all need to address. There have been too many cases in my lifetime which should have changed our perspectives. Stephen Lawrence was a teenager similar in age to me and his murder really hit hard and we felt that it was for our generation to change society. Stephen would have been 46 this year and we are still fighting racism, its heart-breaking.

With the news coverage of Covid 19 and the waves of protest against racism, its a tough week. I came across this poem and it feels just right for this week.

It feels a little wrong to write about the sparkles of this week, after the preceding paragraph but for my own wellbeing, I need to recognise the highlights of week 11 of lockdown.

I read ..

I am part way through a book at present, but I did read a short story from Jojo Moyes catching up with Lou Clark, the main character and hero of Me Before You, After You and Still Me. I know she’s a fictional character but Lou feels like an old friend and I loved the catch up and got the feels from the happy ending. It was just what was needed this week.

Read on

I listened

I’m a big fan of Desert Island Discs, but this week’s episode was a bit different asking members of the public to nominate a song which has significance in lockdown. It was so emotional and I was a sobbing mess. Again, it was just what was needed this week, a reminder of the good in our world and our communities.

I recorded

One of Little Miss’ homework tasks this week was to learn the signs to Shotgun and to send a video through to her teacher. In my work, I use the sign language Makaton and was delighted with this homework. She worked so hard on the task, without my help and I was so proud of her when I videoed her, she was a natural. I think she would make a brilliant teacher when she’s older.

Next week…

I’m back to work on Monday and back to our new normal. Its unlikely that the children will be back to school this year as they’re not in the year groups invited in, so it’ll be another 6 weeks of home learning and then the summer holidays. 2020 is the strangest year.


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