Easter Sunday #lockdown

Easter 2020 is one which will always be remembered, our Easter in lockdown. It was a celebration which needed to be adapted to the new rules and as I write this on Easter Sunday evening I am feeling thankful and blessed that we were able to have a special day. I am relieved that I am an organised person, so the treats for Easter were all bought well in advance of social distancing and lockdown.

If this weekend were to have a theme it would be ‘nurture’ , this was not by design but happy accident. This weekend we’ve spent time in the garden, Mr S and Little Miss have been busy with our vegetable patch and getting the garden as ready as possible for the spring. We’ve walked together everyday and just taken in the beauty of where we live, walks through fields and along the beach (all v close to our home, we’ve not used cars) I’ve baked and cooked in the kitchen, creating nourishing meals and Easter treats. All simple things that bring us all together.

My highlight today was the Easter egg hunt, planned for this afternoon after our lunchtime Easter roast dinner. I always include a few craft activities and after finding the chocolate, all four of us were sat on the grass in the sun, talking, making models and having egg and spoon races. We FaceTimed my parents and chatted happily, there was a real sense of togetherness. It was so simple but perfect. After we came in for tea and Nigella’s Simnel cake recipe was superb, the best way to end our Easter Day.

I’m sure next year we’ll all be encouraged to celebrate big for Easter. However I don’t feel I’ve missed out this year, it was simple but I was with my family who are all healthy and safe and that is all that matters.


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