My week

Whilst I am still continuing ‘My Week’ I am also am writing a Coronavirus post everyday. This post is for the little sparkles, the serious stuff is on the other post.

This week has been week 3 of lockdown and I’ve also been on Easter holidays. I’ve not done much school work with the children, just finishing off some maths and a few bits and bobs. I can amuse us all without the pressure of set tasks.

I’ve read …

In Five years by Rebecca Serle. This plot was similar to something else I’ve read recently ( but I cannot find the title which is really bugging me and it’s not on my Good Reads list either!) The main character has a premonition of a new man in her life despite being engaged and happy. The story explores her life and the truth of the premonition is revealed. It was fine as a book to read in lockdown when you have the time but for me it was only 3 stars ⭐️

I’ve made …

The kitchen is my favourite place and the lockdown has seen me happily trying new recipes, baking with the children and finally having the time to make hot cross buns, which have been on my to bake list forever! I love the time and effort we are making with food, it’s my interest and a real treat. This week I made a full Chinese meal, complete with egg fried rice, mushroom rice etc.. It was all so remarkably easy that I did wonderful why we hadn’t done it before. Homemade Chinese is now being adding to our Saturday night around the world menus. In preparation for Easter I’ve been following the domestic goddess Nigella’s recipes for hot cross buns and Simnel cake. This item of special bakes on special occasions on my 20for2020 is progressing well.

I’ve listened…

It’s quite hard to find time to be alone at home. My normal podcast listening time whilst I run is no longer available as my daily exercise is now going out with the children for a walk. I’ve listened to some of my favourite pods in bed and it’s a different alternative to reading. I do need to be careful as I was laughing so much to With Me Now, I woke up Mr S!

As I said last week I’m finding the radio to be a great comfort at present. I’m more likely to listen to the radio than watch television.

I’ve decorated …

Easter has always been a special time and I love to decorate the house. I’ve made a special effort with the front window to make anyone smile as they pass it. We live at the bottom of a footpath so we have people walk past regularly. Sadly I am missing my fresh daffodils and tulips among my decorations, as they’re not considered an essential in our small supermarket.

Little Miss has been busy painting rainbows for our neighbours and it is lovely to see her work in all the neighbouring houses. One of the best things to come from this tragic situation is the sense of community. I feel so lucky to have such great neighbours.

I’ve walked …

Everyday we have had our permitted walk in the local countryside. We live minutes from big fields and to see the children running around and to feel the sun on our faces is a blessing. Even in these tough times we need to recognise and celebrate the nice times in our lockdown lives.


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