#18for2018 ~ My review

At the end of last year I listened to a podcast from Gretchen Rubin on #18for 2018.  The idea was to list 18 things to do during the year which would make you happy, some big, some small, I created and posted my 18 as below, and now time for a review….


  1. Learn to kayak oh this was a brilliant experience and made me so happy. ACHIEVED
  2. Bake a Souffle, one of my early accomplishments, ACHIEVED
  3. Read some amazing books. According to my Good Reads account, i read 46 books last year, 11 of which I gave 5 stars, ACHIEVED
  4. Train well and run a half marathon, mmm my foot injury put paid to this but instead of running, I have power walked many miles this year.  Once I have an operation on my foot it will be a target again. TO BE CONTINUED..
  5. Wear a pair of pretty high heeled shoes.  Linked to the above,  this was the moment when I realised I had a serious problem with my foot.  I was trying on a pair of beautiful emerald green, kitten heels and when finally I got my foot in it, I cried with pain and nearly passed out.  I now can only wear Converse pumps in comfort but have a rainbow of colours.  TO BE CONTINUED
  6. Have a cruelty free make up bag, I discovered some great new brands this year and no longer use companies who claim to be cruelty free but sell their products in China. ACHIEVED
  7. Plan a trip to London, I’m disappointed not to have achieved this, there was a lot going on this year, its on my list for 2019 ON THE LIST of #19for2019
  8. Go to the theatre, I’ve been to see 5 different shows this year, the highlight was Wicked.  ACHIEVED
  9. Meet up woth old friends, whilst we did go to a party in the summer to meet up with old friends, they were Mr S old school friends.  There’s a group of former colleagues I would love to see so its another TO BE CONTINUED
  10.  Play summer sports, well with our summer I was able to play rounders, tennis and cricket in the park for fun, all throughly enjoyable in the hot weather.  ACHIEVED
  11. Look after my feet, at the start of the year I thought this meant pedicures and painted nails.  The reality was doctors appointments, consultants and treatment, this is continuing but I’m counting this as ACHIEVED
  12. Go to a roller disco, one of my more random choices but so much fun, it was much trickier than I remembered! ACHIEVED
  13. Invest in a warm, winter coat, this has made me unbelievably happy. ACHIEVED
  14. Make something on my sewing machine FAILED MISERABLY
  15. Be more creative with the photos on my blog.  I researched photos on my blog and have played with new collages, but with my blog setup and iPhone I’m not sure I can develop this more.  ATTEMPTED
  16. Swing on High Ropes, this was a lot scarier than expected even when I was all starped in, but I did it and gave it a go.  ACHIEVED
  17. Do one scary and exhilarating thing.  This is not a wow moment but despite not being keen on needles, I signed up as a blood donor and have given blood regularly this year, an exhilarating and scary experience! ACHIEVED
  18. Have a holiday inspired manicure, we all went World cup mad and I had England inspired nails for the semi final. ACHIEVED 

So that was 10 out of my 18 fully achieved, others in progress and only one failed miserably.  I loved this little project, it definitely gave me happiness and new opportunities to embrace.  Thank you Gretchin.  


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