#blogtober18 : Day 19, Style for Autumn and Winter


Ha, me as a fashion stylist is an interesting concept!  Typically in the summer, I’m a shorts and flip flops girl, in the winter, leggings and a tunic or dress with layers as needed.  There’s no style tips here, I go for comfort and practicality, although I love patterns.  My favourite shops to buy in are Fat Face, White Stuff and Sea Salt and to browse its Boden, unless its sale time!  This season, I’m needing to buy more maxi skirts and dresses and fewer trousers, I’m awaiting an operation and with my foot due to be in plaster for some time, they’ll be my only option.  As I won’t be able to drive I’ve invested in a very warm winter coat too.  I do love accessories and hats are my thing, I love a bobble hat and bright colours suit me best, clothes wise I stick to navy and neutrals so the accessories inject colour and humour.  I still have last year’s fuscia pink bobble hat and now have similar in lilac too.

My footwear is very limited this year, normally I enjoy wearing my boots in winter but this year with said foot injury (again) its Converse pumps as my only comfortable option, although I have a variety of colours now.  I hope that when I have a little more time when the children are older, I will be able to become more interested in fashion and try new styles, I’ve always fancied a session with a personal shopper to challenge my style and encourage something different.

A few examples from my wardrobe.

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