#blogtober18 : Day 10, Just be yourself …

Today’s title seems to be my mantra at present, as my daughter tries to understand and embrace who she is.  She is trying to develop her personality, her style and her character, my challenge is to guide her and ensure that she is true to herself and not simply following a trend.  Sometimes I feel that I don’t know how to do this, I let her experiment with her clothes and hairstyles within reason and school rules, I admire stylish women praising their individual looks, highlighting their personal touches and emphasise that people are not judged on looks but personality, character and actions.  We read books with strong female characters, play songs by amazing female artists and share inspiring stories.  But she has a fear, a fear of not fitting in. I was in assembly last week and most of the girls in her class had the same identical side pony tail, its only a tiny thing but she hasn’t yet got the confidence to be different, to be confident in herself, be proud of who she is.  I won’t stop trying and hope that one day my daughter will be proud and happy in her own skin.


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