#blogtober18 : Day 9, Invitations and Letters


Today’s theme is for #worldpostday and I’m someone who loves to send cards and letters to friends and loved ones.  As you can see from the photo above, my bureau contains a letter rack of cards and postcards just ready to pop into the post for someone who might need a little smile.  I like the personal touch of a card or letter, I enjoy handwriting with a pretty pen, a personal message, maybe even  a doodle.  If I send a card the recipient knows that I’ve taken time to make them feel special.

I’ve always written letters, as a child it was thank you letters and then when I went to Uni I kept in contact with friends by mail, unbelievably we didn’t have mobiles or emails in the mid 90s!  I also used to write a weekly letter to my parents when I was in France studying and would receive one back.  On a recent visit to my parents I found some of the old letters, I appeared to write to my Dad about politics, world events etc.. and my mum about things I had done and family news.   I also used to write to my nan and grandma regularly as an adult.  When my Gran died it was a great comfort to know that I had written to her just a few days before and she had known all my news, that I was thinking of her and sending her my love.

Now the big letter I write every year is called ‘Letterbox’ contact.  It is a letter I write to the children’s birth parents to tell them of the children’s lives over the past year.  I write it with such care, trying to get the tone right, sharing stories and celebrations but also trying to respect on how difficult it must be for them to read the letter.  I photocopy the letter for my children so that when they are adults they can read my annual letters.  The letter is sent via social services as we have no direct contact.

I enjoy the surprise of sending a letter just for fun, I love browsing independent card shops or the postcards in Paperchase.  Sending a little sparkle in the post is one of those little things I do and will continue to do so.  A letter in the post is one of life’s little pleasures.


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