#Blogtober18 : Day 3, Couples

So for today’s Blogtober prompt of couples, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane for the couples whose romances captivated us all on television.  We followed their stories, some had a happy ever after, others didn’t, but all left a lasting impression.

Scott and Charlene


I was such a Neighbours fan when I was a teenager, we even used to go to a friend’s house at lunch time to watch the early episode and keep up with Scott, Charlene, Mike, Plain Jane Super brain and all our Aussie friends. On my first trip to Australia, I visited Pin Oak Court, the real life Ramsey Street in a Melbourne suburb just for the fun of seeing the houses and to relive the memories.  The biggest storyline in this period was Scott and Charlene’s relationship which culminated in the wedding which we were all so excited for.  It featured Angry Anderson’s Suddenly which became a hit and had us all dreaming about our future weddings.  I haven’t watched Neighbours for about 20 years now, but it was the perfect teen programme.

Kevin and Winnie


Oh another programme I loved, the theme tune, the family and friends, the emotion.  Bizarrely I have only ever seen this programme in French as I watched it when I lived in France so it was dubbed. I found TV was a perfect way to immerse myself in the language and I followed Kevin and Winnie throughout their childhood and adolescence.  I was sad in the final episode when we discovered that they didn’t end up together, but the ending was so true to their characters and Winnie is a fabulous female lead.

Joey and Pacey


I was definitely Team Pacey on Dawsons Creek and the final episode was perfect.  This was one of my favourite coming of age dramas, so many strong characters and brilliant story lines.  Pacey always loved Joey, was always there for her and gave her the time and space to realise that she loved him too.  Just thinking about Dawsons Creek makes me want to re watch it all from the beginning (with a big box of tissues)

Carrie and Mr Big


I’m not even sure that this is my favourite couple from SATC, but Mr Big and Carrie made some iconic scenes in the series and films.  I cannot help but think of these two when I hear Moon River from the I heart NY episode. This is one of my favourite TV episodes ever and it was so played so heart breakingly perfectly by the actors, I get goose bumps thinking about it.

There are many more iconic TV couples but these are just a few whose romances I followed, cheered on and wanted to believe in a happy, ever, after.


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