#blogtober18 Day 2 : Boobs #breastcancerawareness

I’m so lucky that my nan, the lovely smiling lady in the photo survived breast cancer and died of natural causes at a fine old age. With my family history, I do check my breasts regularly and although I’ve had a couple of scares I’m fortunate that nothing has developed into anything more than an infection treated with antibiotics. However, I’ll feel happier when I’m old enough for mammograms for that further reassurance, as I worry that I wouldn’t be able to feel the smallest lumps. At present, I look after my boobs with regular checks, well fitting bras and a healthy ish diet and exercise. I love my boobs, I was a late developer and I was afraid that I would always be a 32AA but I blossomed and they’ve always got compliments so it’s only right to care for them! I did an internet search for a good self examination poster and this really caught my eye for its design, humour and really useful information.




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