#ecosparkles2018 : A catch up for months 3 and 4


I had hoped to write a weekly update on my little #ecosparkles2018 project but the reality is that whilst I am making changes I’ve not been recording them, so here is an update for the last couple of months and I will then try to write a monthly update.

I am discovering in this project that its not about buying a few green accessories but making lifestyle changes.  It is more about being creative, reusing items and reducing consumption.  It is also about sharing your green values with the services you use, nobody has minded when I’ve used a reusable cup for a takeaway drink, or that I’ve asked for a paper bag instead of plastic packaging or in a café when I have asked for plastic straws not to be put in the children’s drinks and enquired whether glass bottles are recycled, people are happy to do simple green acts when customers request them.

Over the past two months these are some of the green things we have done in the Sparkles household.

  1. We have had a Smart meter installed and it has had an immediate effect. It is now a family challenge to try and reduce the previous day’s total for electricity and gas and it has made us switch off items not being used etc..  This challenge is easier as we are approaching spring, I have no doubt that the daily cost will increase in colder and darker days.
  2. I always have a water bottle on the go in my bag.  It is easier to fill it up than I expected, there are public water fountains in the community which I had never noticed.
  3. Mr and Miss S have planted the seedlings in our garden, we have a variety of fruit and vegetables now growing ready for summer harvesting.
  4. I bought some gym clothes to replace my very worn top and leggings (they were becoming indecent!) I found some which are made from sustainable, organic cotton in Decathlon at a really good price and I’m delighted at how comfortable and practical they are.
  5. All our toiletries and cleaning products are now eco friendly and not tested on animals.    I have also replaced plastic brushes and cloths with bamboo products.
  6. At work I am now leading the Eco schools programme and I am full of ideas and inspiration! Not only is my home going green so is our school!

As well as the above I am really proud of my zero count on some key products, every little helps.


So this has been my update and I look forward to now sharing a monthly post on how we are becoming a greener house in very simple steps.




2 thoughts on “#ecosparkles2018 : A catch up for months 3 and 4

  1. It sounds like you’re making great steps on your eco journey, and how great that you’re involved & leading it into your school now too. We have a smart meter also, and definitely makes you think more about your energy consumption and such.

    1. It’s funny but I’ve become so much more passionate as the project progresses and my children are sharing the journey too, my daughter is really making thoughtful decisions about plastic. Our school project is ambitious I have exciting ideas, I don’t see it as a project but a chance to implement a lifelong commitment to eco schools. Thanks for your comment and encouragement x

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