January 2018

From the sublimely brilliant Serious Concerns by Wendy Cope. This book has been so well loved and read over the years.  Its inscribed with my name and date of purchase, 24 years ago! 

I am genuinely an upbeat, positive and hopeful person.  I’m a cheerleader, always looking for something to celebrate and am pretty content with life. However this first month of January has been long, grey and dull.  I have never known a month where it has been so grey and wet, there have been days on end when our town has been covered in a sea mist, the dreary skies and the heaviness of the clouds really can affect your mood.  I enjoy being outside, particularly walking or running, but even this has had not had the same positive effect.  I can do bright, cold days its the incessant grey and drizzle which has been so draining.

January 2018 has been a month to nest indoors and to plan; my #18in 2018 has definitely helped to shape my plans for the year and I’ve had fun researching my projects and booking activities.  Its also been a time to create comforting food in the kitchen, there have been lots of roasts and new recipes to prepare, trying to give a warmth and colour to our meals.  I’ve also been reading cuddled up in my chair with a blanket and cup of tea, I suppose this month has given us the excuse to stay in and be cosy.  But I need those glimpses of spring now, the burst of colour from a bunch of tulips, slightly lighter evenings, new clothes catalogues to browse and choose new outfits for the warmer weather, the winter sun to burn out the dreary sky.  January was a hard month but its good to know that the promise of Spring is finally on its way.


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